Mall Sounds

by Sympolite

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There were three factors that went into the making of this album:

the need for a distinct label for my electronic work (since Adolescent Stone is moving towards guitar work), reflecting on my early life as a young trans girl who had a lot of memories staring forlornly at the girl's section, wondering why I didn't get to wear what other girls got to wear, and the recent phenomenon of vaporwave.

All of these influenced the sound and thematic elements for my first label under the Sympolite name: MALL SOUNDS.

For anyone who wishes to buy the album, each track is $1 USD; however, buying the whole album will not only save you a dollar, but you'll also be able to obtain the bonus track!

I personally don't mind if you share it among your friends, but buying this is very much recommended - I'm struggling to pay for college, since I was rendered ineligible for financial aid (Life happens, and sometimes it screws up your completion rate. :L )

It's not a very long work, and for that, I apologize. I still hope you enjoy this.

Much love,

A.S. (Adolescent Stone)


released August 15, 2014

I'd like to thank the following people for the making of this album:

KINESTHETIAC and RAZOREDGE, for introducing me to vaporwave
RUSTED TEETH and SOMASIS, whose ambition inspire me constantly
BLACKSQUARES for influencing my textural approach in this album toward a slightly more "kitschy" apporach

And all my fans and friends, and people who've supported my music in the past, and continue to do so to this day.



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Adolescent Stone Detroit, Michigan

22/metro detroit/i go by two different aliases:

adolescent stone - softer, more experimental guitar-based music

sympolite - retro electronic button-mashing

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